Why Should Adult Men Try Ageless Male Supplement


If you are an adult male who suffers from low testosterone levels in your body, then you should definitely try Ageless Male supplement. It is indeed one of the strongest testosterone-boosting agents available in the market today and thousands of adult men have dealt with their low testosterone problems thanks to this supplement. So what does this one have that other testosterone supplements in the market do not have? One of the primary reasons to try Ageless Male is that it is made up of natural ingredients that makes it so effective and prevents any unnecessary side effects. However, it is better to consult your doctor or local physician before trying out the supplement and he can suggest you the right dosage of the supplement. Ingredients of the supplement. The main ingredients of the supplement include Vitamin B6 and it also contains a specially made herbal blend christened Testofen. This

Can Marijuana Popularity Lead To Drug Abuse


Marijuana has been gaining popularity over time gradually, and now it has reached a stage where the attitude of the public towards the drug has grown causal. Marijuana facts say that the public support on its legalization has never been such intense in the past. However, the federal government and state officials have divergent opinions on the matter. More than eighteen states in the United States have passed medical marijuana bills and allowed pot use in the state under strict regulations. On the other hand, federal government considers marijuana as a Schedule I drug, harmful and illegal for use, which has no approved medicinal properties. Recent studies have shown that marijuana can help in treating many worsening diseases and improves the quality of life when people do not get ample relief from other substitute medications. The primary component of marijuana, THC, helps in relieving pain sensation, improving hunger, and controlling

Studies Speak Out The Negative Effects Of Marijuana

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The growing support on marijuana has allowed researchers to test the drug and find out the pros and cons of using pot. Where some studies show that marijuana has many medicinal properties, highlighting which, many states in the US have allowed pot use, many studies say the other way around. Though marijuana is recognized for its action on pain sensation, appetite stimulation features, and control over blood sugar levels, the federal government has always opposed its use and considers it as harmful as other hazardous narcotics. Marijuana has been widely used over many years, but the popularity of the drug among youth has remarkably increased in the recent times. Drug abuse among youngsters is a major issue of this era, and when it comes to marijuana, the risks associated with pot use are relatively higher than assumed. Studies show that marijuana has negative effects on heart, lungs, and brain. Though

Weed Cultivation Spotted In An All Girls School In Israel

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Officials spotted a lab full of marijuana crop beneath the Orthodox Jewish school, south of Tel Aviv, Israel. The marijuana cultivation was found in a bomb shelter of the Kiryat Gat School for Haredi girls, when a teacher felt the pungent smell of marijuana and followed her senses to the professional growing lab in the bunker. Reports say that the lab was well equipped with special growing lights, and ample watering and ventilation systems, which are most favorable to grow marijuana plants. However, the law enforcement officials proposed that outsiders might be involved in the offense, as the Haredim girls would never do such an act. The all-girls school is located around 35 miles south of Tel Aviv, which has a bomb shelter beneath the school in case of any emergency. To divert the negativity away from the Orthodox community, officials added that they would enquire about the crime, and

Interesting Facts About Cannabis

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Though marijuana is one of the most popular drugs in the USA, majority of the drug users are not aware of some of the important facts about marijuana. The arguments and the counter arguments for the marijuana legalization have only led to more obfuscation about the actual effects of the drug. Nowhere is this more evident than among the teenagers of this country. The teenagers in the USA have one of the highest rates of marijuana use in the world. Does this have anything to do with the one-sided facts about the marijuana side effects used by the marijuana proponents to garner support for marijuana legalization? Probably, it has. Facts about marijuana No matter how harmless you think marijuana is, the psychoactive nature of the Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in cannabis cannot be disputed. People seem to have forgotten the reasons that convinced the governments to declare marijuana illegal in the

Adverse Effects Of Marijuana Consumption

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The current outcry to legalize marijuana makes people conceive the idea that marijuana is a pure medical substance that should be circulated without any governmental interventions and regulations. But this is not true. Marijuana induces some psychotic effects in people who consume it and therefore it can be advantageous for the sufferers of chronic illnesses. However, these marijuana effects do not cure any disease, but help the person forget the pain and trauma for a limited period of time. There is no doubt that legalizing marijuana would cause a big increase in the number of youths getting exposed to this drug. Let’s take the example of Yavapai County, where a survey conducted by the Arizona Youth Agency revealed that about 25 % of the youth smoke marijuana regularly. The percentage was only eighteen when a similar survey by the same agency was conducted in 2010. These survey results should make

Nevada To Allow Medical Dispensaries In The State With The New Law

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The state of Nevada legalized medical cannabis during the year 2001. However, even after all these years, there has been no effective system in the state, which provided marijuana patients with the drug. However, things are going to change around with the new law signed by Gov. Brian Sandoval. The new act visualizes an effective method to provide the marijuana patients in the state access to medical weed. All these years, the patients in the state had to grow their own set of pot and that too in small numbers. With the new act, you can gain access to pot if you have a valid marijuana card and that too at reasonable fees. In addition to this, the law contains various prerequisites for growers, processors and users. The law also allows the home grow ups to continue until 2016. The director of Marijuana Policy Project, Karen O’Keefe says, “This new

Colorado Marijuana Legislation Gets The Governor’s Approval

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The attempts to put in place the necessary rules and regulations for the proposed legal marijuana industry in the state of Colorado have come to fruition. The deliberations have been going on for long time ever since Colorado regularised recreational marijuana through a referendum. This necessitated the need to pass more laws on marijuana that provide the legal environment for such an industry. The implications of the new marijuana laws The marijuana laws are intended to completely legalize all the marijuana operations in the state. The model followed for the new marijuana legislations was the existing laws governing the tobacco and the liquor industry. The state intends to exert some control over the industry through strict rules and regulations. These laws were the next logical step from the Amendment 64 that legalized recreational marijuana. As per Amendment 64, it is legal for any adult above the legal age of 21

Facts About The Addictive Nature Of Marijuana

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The lawmakers in many states in the US are pondering over the issue of marijuana legalization. The marijuana is a powerful drug that can be used for medical treatment. However, the marijuana effects on health require more research. In fact, it might be advisable for the states to put on hold legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. The health effects of marijuana weeds The cannabis plant contains many different cannabinoids and nutrients. The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the element that gives the herb its distinctive psychoactive nature. The THC’s effect on the brain produces the feeling of euphoria. This effect can be used to reduce pain, spasms and nausea associated with many diseases. The other cannabinoids in the herb has also many medical benefits. In order to reduce the side effects from marijuana use, the scientists are currently trying to separate the different cannabinoids needed to create medicines. The addictive nature

The Overall Effect Of Cannabinoids In Treatment Of Chronic Illnesses

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The medicinal properties of marijuana have been influencing the widespread use and popularity of this wonder drug. Marijuana has been proven to have positive effects on the treatment of a variety of chronic illnesses. These proven marijuana effects have led to more and more people depending on this drug for relief. The cannabis plant from which marijuana is made has two major strains – the cannabis sativa and cannabis Indica. The active ingredients responsible for the medicinal and recreational properties of marijuana and other derivatives vary from one strain of the plant to another. For example, the active ingredients in cannabis sativa will have an entirely different effect in the mind and body of a person than the cannabis Indica strains. The active ingredients, otherwise called as cannabinoids will be present in different concentrations in different strains of the plant. Hybrid strains of cannabis plant exhibit the properties of both